Trading capital: 26,654,938.4291 ABOT
Insurance fund: 5,654,162.7307 ABOT
Dividends paid: 18,102,455.2481 ABOT
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on blockchain WAVES platform
account, data protection
low commission, profitable course
decentralized exchange
ABOT token trade
automatic management
high level of income
ABOTrex exchange service
allows quickly, effective,
secure exchange between ABOT token,
the leading payment service providers
and the main cryptocurrencies
ABOTrex offers highly profitable investment solutions
automation of stock trades
minimum payback periods
up to 30% monthly
payment twice a month
passive income guarantee
insurance of a trade asset
up to 10% of income
of your partners
Automation of management of exchange trading
ABOTrex trading bot is an enrichment tool by automating all exchange trading processes
Trading is one of the most profitable and popular type of earning today.

Exchange trade opens a lot of opportunities and ways to yield profit for both traders, and for investors. It allows legally earn earning of thousands, even millions of dollars.
However, trade on exchange is not always simple and have potential pitfalls. It is a system with a set of various rules and nuances, which can lead to difficulties and prevent earnings even for experienced traders.

   Automation of transactions

Our trade bot comprises a set of rules and conditions: when is better to buy, when the high time to sell, it takes into consideration primarily factors which influence the market and the transaction as well and sets that factors, which can be easily ignored, as not being important at the certain conditions. The set of filters and restrictions, which would not allow making unprofitable transactions at specific conditions, were successfully embedded in it. The trade bot is similar to the professional trader who works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but the bot is technically much better and quicker. It can better analyze large volumes of information and data, it keeps in mind dozens of thousand factors and react to tale certain actions much quicker, then any human.
Basic principle of operation of the trade bot is to carry out transactions timely with the maximum benefit at any moment. Our experts at the same time analyze charts and current situation at the different exchanges to make decisions on carrying out transactions. Such strategy and quantity of the directions of the auction are dozens, thus, the capital asset of means operated by the trade ABOTrex bot constantly increases and excludes all risks of loss of means connected with constantly fluctuating rate of cryptocurrencies.
Trade bot of ABOTrex is a modern tool of getting substantial profit at the exchange. It uses complex algorithms by trading on exchange and due to Automation of all trading processes at the exchange allows to get considerable profit.
    Software product

TRADING BOT ABOTREX which allows you to:

 Conduct deep arbitrage at the market of cryptocurrency

  Create trade strategies on leading cryptocurrency exchanges

  Manage automatic bots in any trading pair

  Monitor and distribute your assets

 Fulfill instant and secured transactions between your accounts

   Start earnings

Our experts have developed the unique investment platform, investing in which you will be able steadily and continuously generate income, and exclude all risks. Profit will arrive to all holders of a token into the account until the balance of tokens is 100 000 ABOT and more.

Specialists of our company use assets of ABOTrex for trading at the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, using programs of a trade bot ABOTrex.

Carrying out investments, you contribute to development of the platform.

Get tokens of ABOT and safely store them at your Waves account. The system automatically charge dividends on the daily basis,payout of dividends is carried out two times a month, every 1st and 16th day of the month. The amount of dividends depends on daily income of a trade bot on all trade assets of ABOTrex.

The profit of the trade period is to be distributed and payout according to the established regulations. Throughout the entire period while tokens of ABOT are stored in your purse (100 000 ABOT and more), you receive dividends. By results of the carried-out transactions each two weeks the current profit is to be calculated and being paid to all investors in the form of dividends.

   Our advantages

Our investment program offers the minimum payback periods and thus allows earning daily income. Time is our main resource!
We are oriented on the long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners to successfully develop and provide sustainable growth and high-yield return in a long-term period.
We have created very active community, which continues to grow and develop. You can join us and monitor the news in our social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Telegram.
Mathematical calculation and professional approach to business allow getting the guaranteed return on investments with the maximum profit.
High security
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