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04 Jun 2020

Dear ABOT token holders, we are glad to announce the launching of beta version of ABOTREX trading bot on
Everyone can access to the beta version direct via personal account. Due to this event, the ABOTrex platform development team declares this summer the period of innovation and development.
We are going to open arbitration and smart system of analysis of the crypto market. The history of orders will be improved and complimented by appropriate sorting filters. The system of completed transactions notification and charts to be added to the server.
Some other improvements will take place in the nearest future. We are launching the function of withdrawal of funds from the bot balance, the section of completed operations, and some additional functions of bot settings. We hope all these innovations support your efficiency and make the process even more convenient and user-friendly.

07 Apr 2020

Soon. Automated trading BOT on ABOTREX.EXCHANGE. This is an online platform for trading and arbitration at the crypto currency market. Automated assistant with the function of analysis and creation of effective trade strategies, smart system of settlements between service and user.
We are currently at the final stage, providing complete tests and some technical works to guarantee full security. We have focused on secure data storage, user friendly interface and security, by implementing modern technology systems with data transmission over encrypted channels.
We will be ready to launch the bot and present it to the public in the nearest future.

17 Jan 2020

Dear investors.
On the 1st of February 2020 changes in the investment program are coming into force. The minimum entrance amount for participation in the ABOTrex investment program will be 100 000 ABOT. Also in February 2020 we are expected to release beta version of Online Client, which is a great opportunity for all participants. It will allow investors to benefit from individual management of trading bot ABOTREX. Every member with the balance of 10 000 ABOT will be able to test some bot opportunities on the Waves stock exchange in the ABOT/WAVES trading pair.
ABOTrex guarantees to its users risk management automated system, minimization of risk and constant growth of income from trading on the stock exchange. Payment security, sound reputation, privacy, energy and time saving, continuous risk monitoring and assessment, and effective investment decisions are all that ABOTrex offers to its users.

23 Dec 2019

Trading bot on cryptocurrencies is a popular trading tool. Still each bot has its own features. Sometimes even an experienced user cannot totally understand the work of the bot or choose the most convenient interface.
ABOTrex develops effective technology solutions for digital trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. ABOTrex offers you smart solutions to manage your assets on a high-tech and secured platform.
Company's main objective is to offer its customers ABOTREX bot for trading at the exchanges by themselves to maximize profit, improve trading efficiency, minimise risks and save time.

Software product: bot ABOTREX version 1.01
The expected release date for the product is April-May 2020.

The ABOTREX bot is your smart solution, which allows you to:
• Conduct deep arbitrage at the market of cryptocurrency
• Create trade strategies on leading cryptocurrency exchanges
• Manage automatic bots in any trading pair
• Monitor and distribute your assets
• Fulfill instant and secured transactions between your accounts

In connection with this event ABOTrex announces the special promotion.
All ABOT token holders with a balance of at least 250,000 will receive:
• Free annual service
• Software installation on hosting
• 50% discount on product purchase

Action conditions:
1. Register a separate account on the website:
2. Register a new Waves address in your ABOTrex account
3. Fulfill your account / balance: at least the amount of 250,000 ABOT before 01/31/2020
4. Do not transact with an ABOT token prior to product release

You can stop participating in the promotion any time. We note that all registered holders of ABOT token with a balance of 10,000 or more are paid dividends daily. Thus, by participating in the investment program, you accumulate additional capital. Once the product is finally released, you can use all accumulated capital for your own purposes.

4 Dec 2019

Hello everyone!
We are here to share great news! We launched ABOTrex bot in our tocken pair ABOT/WAVES at Waves Exchange. Due to the growing interest of tradors and investors to ABOTrex bot and ABOT token, and expected increase in trading volumes, the company decided to introduce the bot into its tocken exchange pair so that the bot tracks changes at the market and regulates the ABOT token rate in order to guarantee profit to our investors and tradors. Thus, when ABOTrex 's trading assets grow, some of the over-profit is directed to support ABOT token, and this influence the price. So, the price is rising. That causes investor’s profit is also growing. Thus implemented in the pair ABOT/WAVES ABOTrex bot guarantees price growth and accordingly profit, and makes the token ABOT even more attractive for traders and investors.

The ABOTrex bot is an automated smart technology system, supported by experts, and configured to make the optimal and most effective user-friendly solution at every moment of time, analyzing at the same time huge massive of information and data at different markets in automatic mode, bringing out patterns and trends, and algorithms, taking the most effective options and solutions. With the support and continuous monitoring of the system by financial specialists, experts, traders and analysts, a dual deep verification system is achieved and that allows to avoid ineffective decisions and losses. Thus, ABOTrex guarantees to its users risk management automated system, minimization of risk and constant growth of income from trading on the stock exchange. Payment security, sound reputation, privacy, energy and time saving, continuous risk monitoring and assessment, and effective investment decisions are all that ABOTrex offers to its users.

27 Oct 2019

We are glad to offer our clients exchange service of ABOTrex, which allows quickly, effective and secure exchange between ABOT token, leading payment service providers and other popular cryptocurrencies.


• ABOTrex offer user-friendly interface and secure convenient service
• We offer favorable rate and low fee.
• For data protection and security ABOTrex use one of the most modern technological systems with data transmission on encrypted links that guarantees high security to our clients.

Perform operation on purchase/sale ABOT token using ABOTrex exchange service:
Select currency exchange and create the request. Information on the executed requests will appear in the section "History".
Note, that you can create a set of requests with various currencies and different payment service providers at the same time.

ABOTrex exchange service meets high security standards and represents advanced technologies. This technical innovation will allow our clients and participants of the investment program to perform operations of currency and tocken exchange safety and in a simple fast way.
We will constantly expand the list of exchange pairs with popular crypto currencies and plan to modernize the exchange according to new technologies and requirements of our clients.
The ABOTrex exchange service allows you to make exchange between ABOT token, leading payment systems and major crypto currencies efficiently, quickly and safely.
The exchange service is available on the official website

4 Oct 2019

We invite you to get profit with ABOTrex software products. ABOTrex is an international platform for traders and investors. We offer highly profitable investment solutions which guarantee to bring profit to all participants and investors, by investing in products, developed by our company.
Every day innovative trading bot of ABOTrex generates profit on all trading assets and operations by trading at the exchanges, and bring profit to the company and participants of ABOTrex Investment program.

Our mission is to make process of exchange easy and convenient for both rookies and masters. Trading with ABOTrex is a comfort zone and convenient tool to get much more profit, than investors can make by their own. All important tools are one click away. Trading is really easy and effective with ABOTrex.
Our exchange service help you to start. Just use your waves account or we will help you to create your wallet. ABOTrex works on WAVES platform, which has proved its reputation and guarantees more safety. It is really simple and transparent to complete transactions at ABOTrex.

To start earning and get return you can invest in assets of ABOTrex trading bot, buying at least 10 000 ABOT or more on the DEX exchange or at, using converter ( ABOTrex Exchange Service) and then get your guaranteed profit on a daily basis.
The mission of ABOTrex is to make the trading procedure easy, convenient and provide transparency and efficiency. You can manage all operations and processes in your personal account any time. In your personal account you can access statistics of accruals and monitor the dividends you get.
ABOTrex is all about advanced high-tech solutions and security.

10 Sep 2019

We remind you that we have a profitable partner program: Referral program.
Sign up for our partner program and receive money for each customer you bring to
The referral program was invented for additional motivation of participants and allows to receive passive income, up to 10%.
All that you need to do is to invite visitors to our website and register with the program, even with minimal afforts, sharing you referral link at your home pages, blogs, forums, question and answer services, and other resources.
Your link will contain a unique code that will make it possible to determine that the new investor came from you. The more people you recommend our program, the more you will earn in our partner program.

In your personal account at the official website shows you complete information on the number of investors, who came from you. Those, who participate in the ABOTrex investment program, using your link, earn money and you get passive income on that. In your personal account a unique referral link is be available. And all attracted participants of "Your referrals" will be listed there too, as well as full statistics of accruals and your general bonus.
The ABOTrex investment program is an ideal solution for investors and traders. Invest in the trading bot asset ABOTrex and earn a guaranteed profit. The mechanism is as convenient, simple and understandable as possible, both for professionals and beginner traders.
Sign up for the program, earn a safe and easy to understand, and enjoy the benefits of working with ABOtrex.

14 Aug 2019

Dear friends! We do not stand still, we achieve our goals and move forward. One of the great news: our bot showed extra profits - more than 30% per month. We are ready to enter market of highly profitable investments and launch an investment program. We are also glad to announce that the ABOTrex ICO started on August 14, 2019 and would last at least one month, during which period 50 000 000 ABOT tokens will be put up for sale at a price of 0.0007 Waves. During the ICO, everyone can buy ABOT tokens with a 30% profit, hurry to join!
For you convenience, subscribe to us on social networks: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram. There you can find all news.

29 Jul 2019

We are glad to announce we have launched the ABOTrex project. The site ABOTrex is completely ready to work. To start working with the site, register in your account.
Our bot has been tested successfully, ABOTrex works without any errors.
In total, 750 000 000 ABOT tokens have been issued on the Waves platform with a limited issue. On May 18, 2019, the PreICO of our project starts on the Waves platform. During the preICO, we plan to sell 5 000 000 ABOT tokens at a price of 0.0005 Waves. During preICO, everyone can buy ABOT tokens with a 50% profit.

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