Trading capital: 8,239,084.8328 ABOT
Insurance fund: 329,654.1862 ABOT
Dividends paid: 3,753,290.5738 ABOT
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Road map
Start of preICO of the ABOTrex project.

Board meeting.
Definition of financial strategy of ABOTrex.
Creation and deploy Smart-Contract in Waves network.
Release of tokens of ABOTrex project with limited issue of 750,000,000 ABOT.
The closed testing of a system of the trading and automated auction.

Debugging and check of calculations, creation of management system auction.
Organization of a system of access and safety of the project.
Development of the system of online testing, test of working capacity.
Launching of the official site of the ABOTrex project.

Opening of a personal account of the investor of ABOTrex, the completing test of a security system of authentication of users.
Creation of the safe web platform on the domain and the dedicated server in an offshore zone.
Connection of protection system of the website against the DDOS attacks and installation of the SSL certificate.
Testing of working capacity and cross-browser compatibility of the website.
Start of ICO of the ABOTrex project.

Start of the investment program and system of accounting of investments, start of the program of distribution and payment of dividends to holders of tokens of ABOT. The investment program is the tool of passive income of our investors.
Start of the referral program, opening of an online service for investment partners.
Start of the auction of ABOT token at the decentralized Waves Exchange. Meet our token at the Waves Exchange.
Start of the advertizing program of the ABOTrex project.

Definition of advertizing strategy of ABOTrex.
Starting groups on the leading social networks.
Starting subjects at the leading forums.
Opening of the general public statistics of results of the automated auction in the operating exchanges.

Everyone can see the statistic and results of work of the automated trading of the ABOTrex company.
One of key tasks of the project is providing the investment tool which is user-friendly and clear to deal with for any user. Our main objective is to make the system of movement of tokens of ABOT in a personal account of easy for understanding and convenient for users.
Creation, deploy and opening of Smart-Contract in Etherium network.

Smart contracts of Ethereum are written in solidity language. ABOT token in Ethereum network will use ERC-20 standard.
Expansion of the advertizing company, start of the program of holding online webinars, preparation and planning of public seminars on a subject of development of the ABOTrex project.

Promotion in social networks, at forums and online platforms. Holding online webinars on a token of "ABOT".
Bounty program for all holders of tokens of ABOT.

It is the special system of encouragement for advertising of our company in the Internet. Participants can earn rewards in the form of bonuses for various tasks.
Opening of the internal automated exchange system for fiat currency in popular payment service providers.

Our exchanger will work in automatic mode 24/7. Instant exchange of any fiat currency.
Opening of a public system of graphical analysis of statistics and calculation of profit of the automated trading at the operating exchanges in the Real-Time.

All statistics and information on the auction in the different exchanges and on different cryptocurrencies in one place. You can see price dynamics at several exchanges at once, thus, buying at one enchange, and selling at other exchange, you always remain with profit.
Opening of an online service of individual management of personal assets of the automated auction for shareholders of ABOTrex.

You can use the system of the automatic auctions. The trade bot comprises a set of rules: when to buy, when to sell, what factors to consider primarily and what factors are less important. The bot analyzes charts, data and current situation at the different exchanges in the real time. The bot trades by itself according to parameters you set, and it is guided by restrictions and rules, which you set for him.
Research and establishing cooperation with the large Internet exchanges, the beginning of the auction of ABOT token at the new exchanges of cryptocurrency.

Our token will cooperate with the largest crypto exchanges and will be presented in different exchange platforms.
Development, realization, testing new and improvement of the used methods and tools of the automated ABOTrex project auction.

We follow the "Kaizen" concept of continuous improvement. We try to make ABOT even better and more convenient for you.
Launching an online service of strategic management and improvement of the automated trading for holders of ABOT.

The bot will become completely automatic. ABOTrex will independently reconstruct strategy, for the greatest benefit.
Development and implementation of the mobile application for popular operating systems.

For convenience of our investors and clients, the mobile application will be launched. Thanks to this application, you will always have a private office, the exchanges and other functions at a hand.
Planning and development of own trading floor cryptocurrency.

Reaching new level – opening own crypto currency platforms.
High security
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