Trading capital: 26,654,938.4291 ABOT
Insurance fund: 5,654,162.7307 ABOT
Dividends paid: 18,102,455.2481 ABOT
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F. A. Q.
What is ABOTrex?
We are an international company that is engaged in the Automation of trading and the exchange of cryptocurrencies, also, we develop various electronic money management services. Customers invest in our products, which we implement due to the work of our programs (developed by high-class specialists), thereby providing income to everyone. In addition, experts are developing our own cryptocurrency platform.
We employ only professional employees with experience in the monetary and financial sphere for more than 10 years. High-quality, automated financial management helps minimize risks, providing our customers with a high level of income in a short time.

What is this site about?
This site acts as an international platform with the ability to invest in ABOTrex's highly profitable products, which allow investors from all over the world to remotely earn money on leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why should I log in?
To start working with the platform, you need to register on it. Click «Registration» to complete the quick registration. The entire registration procedure takes no more than 2 minutes. All notifications related to your work on the ABOTrex platform will be sent to the indicated mail address.

ABOT Token, what is it?
The ABOT Token is created as a digital unit of measurement using to pay for all provided services and products released on the ABOTrex platform.

How to buy an ABOT token?
You can purchase or exchange a token at any time using Waves Exchange or ABOTrex exchange service.

How many tokens will be issued?
A total of 750 000 000 ABOT tokens will be issued on the Waves platform, some of which will be sold during the preICO and ICO periods with a profit of 50% and 30%.

Do you have an investment program?
Yes, we have an investment program that will be available after the preICO. Invest in the asset of our trading bot and get a guaranteed profit.

How can I start earning here?
Register your Waves wallet address in your account on Buy 100 000 ABOT or more on the Waves Exchange  or  ABOTrex exchange service. Keep your tokens at the registered Waves address.

How is trading profit distributed?
You can find this information in your personal account. To register in your personal account, follow the link «Registration»

Can I see the trading profit?
In your personal account, you will have access to a chart with daily trading profit. To register in your personal account, follow the link «Registration»

Can a bot go at a loss?
If the trading day showe a negative value, then the entire loss will be covered by the funds of the insurance fund, which is replenished on profitable trading days.

Where can I find out about my dividends?
In your account you have an access to statistics of accruals and monitor your dividends. To register in your personal account, follow the link «Registration»

How can I exit the program?
At any time, you can stop participating in the investment program, just sell or exchange your ABOT tokens for any currency convenient for you. Additional passive income is available in our referral program.

How does the investment program work?
Dividends are accrued to registered holders of 100 000 ABOT, daily dividends are paid every 1st and 16th day of the month. The amount of dividends depends on the daily income of the trading bot for all ABOTrex trading assets. Profit trading day accrued in accordance with the established regulations.

Where can I exchange or sell my ABOT tokens?
At any time, you can sell or exchange your ABOT tokens for any currency convenient for you on the Waves platform - Waves Exchange  or  ABOTrex exchange service. Our experts also work on an automatic exchanger through which ABOT tokens can be exchanged for any currency convenient for you.

I don 't have a WAVES wallet, can I get ABOT tokens and complete exchange operations?
Yes. If you don't have any WAVES wallet and don't have time to create one, you can use ABOTrex Exchange Service, which will create WAVES wallets automatically on behalf of you. When you create an ABOT token requisition, if you do not have a WAVES wallet, the system will automatically install the wallet into your ABOTrex account. Note that to get a private key to such a wallet you need to contact ABOTrex support service.

Is it secure to fulfill operations with ABOTrex using the exchange service?
Yes, it is very sfafe for our clients. ABOTrex exchanger meets latest technical and security requirements/ For data protection and security ABOTrex use one of the most modern technological systems with data transmission on encrypted links that guarantees high security to our clients. All transactions pass through encrypted channels, ABOT token is confirmed by blockchain on the WAVES platform.

How does an affiliate program work?
By participating in our affiliate program you will be able to have passive income, making a profit of up to 10% of the income of users you invite. You will found the referral link in your account.

Who can take part in the affiliate program?
Any registered user can take part in it.

How are affiliate bonuses paid?
Affiliate bonuses are accrued along with the accrual of dividends on the 1st and 16th of each month.

Where can I find out the news?
Follow our news on our website and in the official groups of social networks.

How long to wait for a response from customer support?
Support will respond to all emails within 48 hours. Please check your email and subfolders. You can also ask your question in our social groups.
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